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  • Full Time
  • Midrand
  • Market related USD / Year
  • Salary: Market related


Growth and decay are fundamental realities. All living things perform something unique to their species. When they are dead, they all undergo the same process of decomposition into their fundamental molecular components. These components no longer perform tasks related to the living organism. Nature is responsible for life and renewal in each species as well as the process of decomposition.

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 Our equipment is also designed to perform very specific functions repeatedly and reliably. New equipment, whether operated or not, starts decaying immediately, unlike living beings. Maintenance needs to be the life force behind our plant and equipment’s’ specific physical existence with the aim of giving it renewal and sustainability, whether from wear and tear or damage.

 The Turner will turn and refurbish parts and equipment for the maintenance team as needed in a continuous manufacturing operation in Midrand, Gauteng.

The candidate will have a proven track record that reflects:

  • A passion for Asset Care.
  • Care, competence, follow up and order in his environment
  • An energetic persona with a desire to improve themselves and their environment.
  • An aversion to mess, waste and downtime.
  • Must live in a 30km radius of Midrand or be prepared to relocate.

The company will encourage and support the successful applicant’s personal and professional development by being close to the individual.

The successful applicant will get the training, tools and spares needed so that there are no basic bottlenecks to being successful.

The successful candidate will have to demonstrate their turning proficiency by creating a part to spec at the desired accuracy on a lathe.


  • Hold a relevant, recognised Turning qualification.
  • Interested in people and what makes them tick.
  • Have the social skills to work in a team.
  • Able to stick to CSF’s while storm rages – not be influenced away from the facts by others emotions.
  • Needs things organized and up to date – needs to feel uncomfortable when the environment under their influence is untidy and disorganized.
  • Sees organisational needs as personal goal
  • Be able to describe where and when they went the extra mile not too impress or because they felt under pressure but because it would be a personal victory. 
  • Time Management— Managing one’s own time and the time of others.

        Past Experience

  • Been trained by a professional in doing things right.
  • Worked in a manufacturing or mining environment.
  • At least 5 years experience Turning trade.