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Sales Engineer

Qualified Engineer with a sales bent and sufficient gravitas to present this leading manufacturer of precast concrete technical products to construction professionals in a compelling way.

The successful candidate will be able to:

  • occupy key minds;
  • satisfy specifiers of the technical merits of our products;
  • overturn long-established habit patterns;
  • to achieve specification of our technical products.

and will be commercially savvy and able to deliver results within a sales-oriented organisation.

Key deliverables :

a.    Service customer base of Specifiers

b.    Effective marketing of new and existing products

c.    Securing approvals / specifications

d.    Doing designs for / assisting Consultants with designs

e.    Effective project tracking and good conversion rate of specifications

f.     Provide strong support for the Specifier, Sales Team, and CRM Administrator

g.    Market research and input into strategy based on insights gained

h.    Facilitating R&D partnerships with Universities / other

i.     Assisting in New Product Development

j.     In-house training

k.    Developing, booking and presenting CPD talks to Engineers / Architects

Skills and qualifications required:

  1.       Civil Engineering Degree / Diploma.
  2.       Design (techniques, tools and principles)
  3.         Exposure to Concrete Technology and Geotech
  4.         Logical thinking and reasoning in approach to problems
  5.         Professional communication skills
  6.         Technical sales skills / overcoming objections
  7.        Technical vocabulary/terminology
  8.        Understanding of research methodolgy
  9. Computer literate – MS Office (High level Excel), CRM, CAD.

1.   Past experience required:

  1. 7 – 10 years experience.
  2.        Demonstrated ability of growing sales via technical specifications (exposure to Geotech environment / RWB structures preferred).
  3.           Closing sales (as opposed to just getting specified)
  4.        Design of the installation of engineered products
  5.        Technical investigations (R&D / investigation of failures)
  6.        Dealing with SANS standards.
  7.      Establishing a network of professional contacts
  8.        Working within a sales team.