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Maintenance Planner

  • Full Time
  • Brits
  • Market Related USD / Year
  • Salary: Market Related

Job Description

Growth and decay are fundamental realities. All living things perform something unique to their species. When they are dead, they all undergo the same process of decomposition into their fundamental molecular components. These components no longer perform tasks related to the living organism. Nature is responsible for life and renewal in each species as well as the process of decomposition.

Our equipment is also designed to perform very specific functions repeatedly and reliably. New equipment, whether operated or not, starts decaying immediately, unlike living beings. Maintenance needs to be the life force behind our plant and equipment’s’ specific physical existence with the aim of giving it renewal and sustainability, whether from wear and tear or damage. 

The Maintenance Planner/Clerk of Works is responsible for the planning of preventative maintenance, the storing and issuing of spares and tools, the updating of the Maintenance management system and staff admin.

Critical Success Factors

  • Know what tools and spares are in stock and reorder when necessary to ensure maintenance downtime is not held up by lack of spares or tools.
  • Have the correct maintenance data captured on the CMMS so that the system communicates the correct information with regard to maintenance schedules.
  •  Understand the technical details of maintenance jobs so that time planning and scheduling is realistic.
  • Communicate and listen to the operations team with regards to their needs against maintenance necessities.


  • Matric with Mathematics as a subject.
  • Pragma CMMS knowledge.
  • Computer Literate.
  • Technical knowledge.
  • Assertiveness


  • Maintenance Planning.
  • Ordering and Purchasing.
  • Stock Control.
  • Tool Control.
  • Understand Engineering Specifications and procedures.