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Maintenance Manager

  • Full Time
  • Gauteng, Midrand, South Africa
  • Market Related USD / Year
  • Salary: Market Related
  • Must be authorised to work in South Africa

Be Relevant Placements

Placement Facilitator

If you are a genuinely World Class Maintenance Manager, take note.

World Class means:

  • You have it in you to want assets to work hard and reliably for their life through asset care competence.
  • You are technically excellent yourself through interest, training and experience.
  • You know that people are your only real resource in getting there and you can assist them to come along because you are a leader.
  • You can and have built in sustainability to asset care through the support that systems and processes can give.
  • You have experienced beauty, ingenuity and sacrifice in your personal life and can therefore recognise this in what you meet in dealing with life’s challenges.

If you are a person that needs to lean on others to uplift you and cover for you. Please reconsider whether this position is the right one for you.

The successful candidate will have a CV confirming experience in Plant Maintenance in automated Manufacturing environments that will show the following qualities:

  • Growth through learning and understanding.
  • Job Stability.
  • Achievements through delegation.
  • Implementation of form, processes and controls.

The successful candidate will be able to describe in their own words using basic concepts how they achieved the above.

Job Picture

Growth and decay are fundamental realities. All living things perform something unique to their species. When they are dead, they all undergo the same process of decomposition into their fundamental molecular components. These components no longer perform tasks related to the living organism. Nature is responsible for life and renewal in each species as well as the process of decomposition.

The link

Our equipment is also designed to perform very specific functions repeatedly and reliably. New equipment, whether operated or not, starts decaying immediately, unlike living beings. Maintenance needs to be the life force behind our plant and equipments’ specific physical existence with the aim of giving it renewal and sustainability, whether from wear and tear or damage.

We will measure our effectiveness using plant availability.

Grounding Concepts.

  1. Know and understand the plant and equipment design and technical specifications and standards.
  2. Delegate to caring and skilled human capacity which is the only resource that can convert an idea into reality.
  3. Proper maintenance infrastructure and tools.
  4. Need to understand and manage the spare components/parts supply chain.
  5. Design and implement preventative maintenance and call outs to standards and Safety regulations.
  6. Measure and report relevant issues with reference to our part in the value chain (ThroughPut).

Skill and Experience.

  1. N5 and more technical or engineering qualification.
  2. At least 5 years management experience.
  3. Be able to describe how they have created form and system in their department.
  4. MS Office advanced.
  5. CMMS experience.
  6. Be at least 35 years plus.
  7. Resilient to pressure.