Internal Sales & Admin

Internal Sales & Admin

Job Picture:

In nature there is order. Things happen according to a natural, God-made rhythm. Examples are the seasons, the planets and reproduction of plants. Man does not have to worry about these things that just happen in the background, like clockwork. This frees up the human being to focus on other things, like business.


This small business currently hinges on one person. When this person is not there, everything stops. There are no rhythms in the background to ensure things carry on without him. This is a bottleneck to the sustainability of this business.

This business which supplies accessories to the Construction Industry is looking for a hands on internal sales person who will take care of the administration tasks as well. The position requires careful attention with little opportunity for delegation.

Foundational Concepts

  •       Create a rhythm and routines for the office area.
  •       Interact with walk-in and phone-in customers.
  •       Ensure the day-to-day operations run smoothly and according to our standards.
  •       Support the Product manager in order to free up time for him to be in the market.
  •       Measure and report.


    • Grade 12 with at least Mathematical Literacy.
    • A relevant administrative or sales certification.
    • Microsoft Office proficient, Word, Outlook and Excel.
    • Pastel/Sage proficient.
    • Fluent in English and proficient in Afrikaans and/or an African Language.


    • Have worked in a structured environment where deadlines and accountability were accepted.
    • Be able to show that you are able to take initiative and bring form and rhythm to an environment.
    • Be able to show that you are able to work independently and unsupervised.
    • Be able to show that you are accurate and detail oriented.
    • Be interested in your own personal development and growth.