Head of Relevance

Head of Relevance

Job Description

Lightening only happens when the right atmospheric conditions are present, the Head of Relevance will know and understand the right conditions, be able to find the tension in the market where this company’s products are wanted and needed.  You will coordinate the product, the experience of the customer and the understanding of the customer using your sensitivity to the changing conditions in the market so that the lightning will strike.  We do not want to use Firelighters to create the market.

Critical Success Factors:

  • You will liaise with Operations to ensure that the product being produced in the factories is the product the market is looking for, that the quality is to standard, that the product is suitable for design and that there is stock available.
  • You will be interested in the experience of the customer in their interactions with the company and work to continuously improve this experience.
  • You will want the customers to make informed choices about the products they need and are suitable.  You will encourage this through education of the customer.
  • You will know who are the decision-makers in the different tiers of the market and guide your staff to meet the right people.
  • You will lead your staff to a better understanding of their role in all of the above.

Candidate Requirements

Skill and Experience:

  • Have worked with a sophisticated CRM system.
  • Fluent in English and able to communicate with articulation.
  • Microsoft Office competent.
  • A leader and manager of staff.
  • A manager of Suppliers and Customers.
  • Able to Multi-task.
  • Have an imagination that can hold pictures and respond to your environment out of these pictures.
  • Your CV will show a career and life path progression.
  • Have measured and reported on your successes and failures.
  • Where have you influenced people?
  • Translate statistics into patterns and trends that will talk to the conditions needed for a lightning strike.