Head of Efficiency

Head of Efficiency

Job Description


The Conductor of an Orchestra enables the music played by the Orchestra to sound out in a unified style at the correct tempo because the music is an intimate part of the conductor’s knowledge and experience.  The conductor cues the various accents and instruments to play or be silent at the right time for the whole piece to sound beautifully in the ears of the listeners.  The result is that the listeners hear harmony, notes are not wasted or extra notes added.

In the operational environment, there are weak players, there are those that continue to play on when they should have stopped playing, and there are those that don’t come in when they should. All sorts of waste, inefficiencies and quality issues arise as a consequence.

A leading manufacturer of world-class quality precast concrete products is looking for an individual that knows the script beforehand, has the ability to sit above the stage, select staff, train staff, co-ordinate activities and re-evaluate everything if needs be, striving to produce a beautiful sound because it can be done.

The applicant must be able to demonstrate that:

  • they are clear as to what is required from operations.
  • they are able to provide the business with the right operational infrastructure.
  • they can design and implement processes that hold the operational side of the business together.
  • they are able to develop people and create teams to assist in getting tasks done.
  • they can use the above to convert raw materials into world-class finished goods.
  • they are able to identify constraints in terms of the ‘Theory of Constraints’ and deal with them.
  • they measure and report on all relevant aspects of operations.
  • they are able to allocate time to each of the above and follow through.
  • they are able to measure and report on their successes and failures.

Candidate Requirements

Skills and Experience:

  • A relevant tertiary qualification.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Intermediate to Advanced Computer Literacy, specifically Microsoft Office.
  • Leadership or Management courses.
  • Management experience in a continuous automated operations environment.
  • Blockmaking experience would be an advantage.


  • Want to be challenged.
  • Recognise that people provide the success in organisations.
  • Be pained by waste and inefficiencies.
  • Take ownership of decisions taken.
  • Be courageous but not irresponsible.
  • Want to learn.