Head of Efficiency/ Operations Manager

  • Full Time
  • Gauteng, Midrand, South Africa
  • Market Related USD / Year
  • Salary: Market Related
  • Must be authorised to work in South Africa

Be Relevant Placements

Placement Facilitator

A pre-cast concrete block manufacturer is looking for an individual who will take ownership of the leadership of the manufacturing operation.  Who has resilience and openness to new ways of thinking about business.  Who gets excited about taking business into the future out of new paradigms.


It does not matter how good individual members of an orchestra are. Unless they have a Conductor they will not be able to deliver the music in a unified style and tempo because he knows the piece of music intimately already. A Conductor brings in various accents and instruments at the right time for the whole. He also removes or softens various parts of the whole at times. The result is that there is harmony, no interference, no waste of any note and no note too many. Weak players make the Conductors life difficult and the music envisaged nay impossible.

In any operational environment like we have, there are weak players, there are those that continue to play on when they should have stopped playing, and there are those that don’t come in when they should. All sorts of waste, inefficiencies and quality issues arise as a consequence.

We require someone that knows the script beforehand, has the ability to sit above the stage, select staff, train staff, co-ordinate activities and re-evaluate everything if needs be, and strives to produce a beautiful sound because it can be done.

Grounding Concepts

  1. Know the script – be clear as to what is required from Operations.
  2. Give the business the right operational infrastructure.
  3. Design and implement processes that hold the operational side of the business together.
  4. Be able to develop people and create teams to assist in getting things done.
  5. Use the above to convert raw materials into finished goods equal to the best in the World.
  6. Be able to identify constraints in terms of TOC and deal with them.
  7. Measure and report on all relevant aspects of operations.
  8. Allocate time to each of the above and follow through.

Skill and Experience:

  1. NQF5 or more Technical Manufacturing qualification.
  2. At least 10 years manufacturing management experience in fast-pace automated environments.
  3. MS Office expert.
  4. Job stability.
  5. Able to describe where and how they have formed departments and implemented systems.
  6. Self-aware.
  7. Resilient to pressure.
  8. 40+ years.