Understand the dynamics and personality of your team so that we can pollinate your team with people that will bring the needed balance and skill to enhance your capacity to be relevant and efficient.

lead a successful team

Successful teams and organisations consist of a mix of personality types, skills and experience.  They interact with each other professionally out of the knowledge that each team member has an individual but important contribution to bring to the team or organisation.  Professionalism, competence and ownership of own work makes for successful teams and organisations.

we see the big picture

At Be Relevant Placements we interview the employer first to ensure that when we start looking for the candidate we carry a real picture of an ideal person for the position.  This is the picture we listen to during the candidate search process. It works to our efficiency in providing you, the employer, with relevant candidates.


We understand that only by you offering relevance to the market efficiently can the success of your organisation be maintained. We know that to sustain this success flexibility and innovation is imperative. Only your people can help you to do this.