Kerb Plant Foreman

Job Description When manufacturing with Concrete there are a number of key concepts that have to be 100% correct in order to produce high quality product, in this case pre-cast…

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Management Accountant

Job Ad Manufacturing concern in Midrand seeks a management accountant with a relevant degree. The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years proven experience as a management accountant and…

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Debtors Clerk

Job Picture The debtors book represents the portion of everyone’s combined efforts that we have not yet collected. For this reason, the function is critical to actively manage risk, whilst…

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Yard Supervisor/Coordinator

JOB PICTURE Our yard is like a water reservoir. Sometimes people need water faster than it gets into the reservoir, and sometimes the reservoir fills up quicker than the water…

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Beneficiated Plant Foreman

A Midrand-based company, we process various forms of concrete into high quality tiles and other products. You would have control of the plant and staff and be required to understand…

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Internal Sales & Admin

Job Picture: In nature there is order. Things happen according to a natural, God-made rhythm. Examples are the seasons, the planets and reproduction of plants. Man does not have to…

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Fitter and Turner

Red seal Fitter and Turners with at least 5 years experience  is required for a continuous manufacturing operation in Midrand, Gauteng. The candidate will have a proven track record that…

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Head of Efficiency

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Job Description Picture: The Conductor of an Orchestra enables the music played by the Orchestra to sound out in a unified style at the correct tempo because the music is…

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Head of Relevance

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Job Description Lightening only happens when the right atmospheric conditions are present, the Head of Relevance will know and understand the right conditions, be able to find the tension in…

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Inventory Cost Accountant

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Job Description Picture: One of the tools we use to service our customers is our ERP system, and we want to do so as efficiently as possible. When we service…

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